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April 2024
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Earl Hook with a Twinkie
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Posted by: Mike @ 8:15 am

On that same Waterford Kettering class trip in 1987 I caught our physiology teacher Mr. Hook with a twinkie. Since he was also a coach and heavily into fitness I thought it was amusing. Although to be honest I think I was the one who had the twinkie and gave it to him in the first place.

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Amy Patterson Eats a Twinkie
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Posted by: Mike @ 10:49 pm

Here’s another backdated post. It aligns with the previous one. This is a picture of Amy Patterson, former classmate from Mason Junior High School and Waterford Kettering High School, eating a twinkie. This was an Ecology Field Trip with Mr. Hook. I don’t recall doing anything related to ecology on that trip but we all had a good time canoeing and camping. This was in 1987 just before high school graduation.

Hopefully someday Amy’s kids will find this and see this shocking, unhealthy behavior.

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Mason Junior High School Nerds
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Posted by: Mike @ 7:35 pm

I’m so bummed at myself for not continuing this blog in a timely manner; I’m backdating this entry and pretending I issued it three months ago. Part of the problem is that I haven’t been scanning old photos lately.
Anyway, this photograph is of some nerds at Mason Junior High School in Waterford who got some academic awards in, I’m guessing, 1984. I’m one of them but I don’t remember the award. Probably something to do with English. But possibly math.

On the left is Chris Switzer. For some bizarre reason the school secretary or whoever it was that did this fancy construction paper mounting and caption typing put his name as Jeff. (He did have a brother named Geoff but he was several years out of the school by this time). Chris and I are still friends to this day. Suzanne Kunse was a year younger than us so I don’t recall much about her. Amy Patterson was another one of the “smart kids” that I went to school with for years up to high school graduation at Waterford Kettering. I think I saw her once as an adult around 2007 or 2012. I believe she was doing well, had a family etc.  Steven Brown I don’t recall after junior high so I think he probably went to the other high school — Waterford Mott. With a common name like that it will be quite a coincidence if he or his family finds this post but stranger things have happened.

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Cleveland & Carley Kids
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Posted by: Mike @ 8:57 am

This is a shot from 1978 taken in my back yard on Pomeroy in Waterford, MI. It looks like I’m putting my friend Mark Cleveland in a headlock. His sister Crissy (Cristina) Cleveland is in red and Jennifer Carley in pink. Mark, along with his twin brother Grant, were my best friends prior to kindergarten. I think they had already moved from our street in Waterford to Lake Orion by the time this picture was taken so maybe they had come by for a visit. Jennifer Carley lived two houses down from us.

Note the yellow ring on the ground. It was from a lawn dart game called Jarts we had. They were pointed metal darts. Incredibly dangerous in hindsight. I remember throwing them up as high as I could. Somehow we managed not to get hurt. Probably could get a good price for one on ebay now but ours were well-used and the plastic fins eventually broke.

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Mark Cleveland
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Posted by: Mike @ 12:26 am

This is Mark Cleveland on the left and me on the right in 1974 in my (parents) house on Pomeroy Ave in Waterford.  He and his twin brother Grant were my best friends up until about kindergarten and then they moved out to Lake Orion. We wrote letters or sent cards a couple times but quickly lost touch. Oddly enough I still remember their birthday which was March 3. If he or his brother or sister have offspring, perhaps someday they’ll find this cute picture of their dad or uncle and cause some momentary

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